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Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll

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PostStarberry 9/3/2019, 1:30 pm


- Patch started at 6:00PM (PDT)
- Patch ended at 9:35PM (PDT)

* Next Maintenance is scheduled for September 17th, 2019.

New Items


Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll NstSb5P
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll CDUSJEq
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll Xi3I17H
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll QZs2pIo


Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll UleLgVY
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll 0gkipKH
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll Od51RDc
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll OPrDg1F


Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll XpmyoCD Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll RtToLSd Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll DKFp4AA
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll Iqa1Q4x
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll BHgZfER
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll SDIvBXA
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll Acf4c80
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll TZCG6fb
Patch Notes [09/03/19] - Ascended Scroll P20NSpB

Item Shop & Game Changes
New Ascended Scrolls! These scrolls feature stat boosts of STR +5 & ARM +5. You can purchase these scrolls directly from the store for an additional SPD +3 & CRI +20 boost.
UI Changes : Accessories tab in the store has been categorized for easy access.
UI Changes : A sub-category under Skill Items has been added. In the "Enhanced" tab, you can purchase Ascended Scrolls and equip them.
Playtime Event : Login for one hour to acquire a Ascended Scroll Box! You can acquire up to 1 per day.
Hyper Battle Mode : Battle Coin Competition Round 3 begins soon. Round 2 rewards will be distributed soon.
Special Box Bundles & Packages : Seal of Zodiac - Cancer, Seal of Zodiac - Gemini, Shadow Fox Corps Box features a bonus of some New Enigma Chests!
Legendary Slayer Box (M) returns for a limited time.
Legendary Slayer Box (F) returns for a limited time.
Hyper Battle Mode (1 day) Scroll & Exocore Box returns to the store.
Jack's Shack Boss Mode returns for a limited time.
Frozen Lake Boss Mode returns for a limited time.
Inferno Chest & Package returns for a limited time.
Phantomwalker Chest & Package returns for a limited time.
Whisper Wings Chest & Package returns for a limited time.
NeoAlchemist Chest & Package returns for a limited time.
Great Leviathan Set will leave the store.
Ice Breaker & Red Scorpion Summer Festival Scrolls will leave the store.
Samurai, Little Rouge & William Tall Summer Festival Exocores will leave the store.
Good Luck Mix Chest event will end.
Queen & Rabbit Corps Boss Mode will leave the game.
Destroy Pirates Boss Mode will leave the game.

Additional Notes
[Resolved] Guild Chat & Systems Offline
[Bug] In-Game Emote Issue
[Ongoing] Client Crash Issues
[Ongoing] Daily Quest Boxes Opening Lag Issue
[Ongoing] Titles in Accessory Tab are missing unless sorting by names under "Face". [ To fix this, please click on Face twice and Sort by Name ]

Bug Related Information & System Changes

Assassin : The passive CRI on the class has been increased.
Critical Hit : The passive CRI from Assassin is being applied to non-Assassin classes as well. This is not intended.
Critical Hit : Abnormal CRI increases. This will be looked into.
Hyper Battle Mode : Gift Box History involving Battle Coin will be deleted upon relogging into the game.


Team Chat :

For Team Mode, there is now an option to turn on Team Chat.
The command for this is : /team [on/off].

When turned on, you will only see chat coming from your team.
When turned off, you will see chat from everyone.

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