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Patch Notes [09/06/16] - Inferno Box & Exocore/Scroll Rebalances

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PostStarberry on 8/28/2016, 1:00 pm


- Patch started at 6:00PM (PST)
- Patch ended at 7:30PM (PST)

New Items
Male :

Female :


Item & Game Changes
Dark Lightning (Buff/Nerf) :
- V Skill range reduced
- V Skill now does 550 damage

Phaira (Buff) :
- Initial V Skill dagger throw recovery reduced
- B Skill recovery reduced

Gauntlet of Karak (Buff/Nerf) :
- V Skill range reduced
- V Skill execution time reduced (faster)
- B Skill execution time reduced (faster)

Medusa (Nerf) :
- V Skill freeze time reduced
- B Skill grab skill range reduced

Snake Shaman (Nerf) :
- V Skill hits reduced to 2 from 3, now disappears after hitting a target twice
- B Skill execution time reduced (faster) -> Snake is summoned quick and "slides" quicker
- B Skill range reduced

Neodymium (Buff) :
- Charged V skill final hit does more damage

Custom Xero Discus (Nerf) :
- Damage was reduced on the V skill to compensate for the double hit

Plasma (Buff) :
- V Skill lasts for 12 seconds
- B Skill execution time reduced (faster)

Asura (Buff) :
- Alternate Nanmu buff time has been adjusted and increased (Think of the buff as long as a full round of a game..)

Parkour (Buff) :
- Punch combo last hit becomes a launcher
- First kick execution time reduced (faster) -> Easier juggle

Ice Age (Nerf) :
- B Skill in the middle is now escapable if blocked first half
- B Skill second half of skill reduced knockback

Custom Relic of Phantomcore (Nerf) :
- V and B Skills that transform you -> Duration has been reduced

Seven Nights (Buff) :
- V Skill damage increased
- B Skill damage increased

Flamebuster (Buff/Nerf) :
- B Skill when blocked pushes opponent back nowhere -> No push = Very unsafe
- B Skill damage increased

Iceberg (Buff) :
- V Skill now can be delayed for a long period of time
- V Skill execution time reduced (faster), as well as recovery time reduced
- V Skill is now juggleable

Dark Prankster (Buff) :
- B Skill damage widely increased

New scroll -> Choy Lee

1 User-Suggested Item Available : Inferno by SajinShasaya

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