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Patch Notes [10/18/16] - Halloween 2016

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PostStarberry 10/5/2016, 12:00 am


- Patch started at 6:00PM (PST)
- Patch ended at 8:05PM (PST)

New Items
Male :
Patch Notes [10/18/16] - Halloween 2016 QCL4p9V

Patch Notes [10/18/16] - Halloween 2016 249CNqD

Female :
Patch Notes [10/18/16] - Halloween 2016 Do7Yo7D

Patch Notes [10/18/16] - Halloween 2016 3dhVaO1


Item & Game Changes
Scroll/Exocore Rebalances :
Updated Scroll/ExoCore:
Another Baguazhang
-White Aura animation Added to Nanmu.

Another Infinite Ninjitsu
- kG Grab animation had been improved.
-White Aura animation Added to Nanmu.
-Ground Tit speed has been increased.
-Ground Hit has had its hitbox adjusted and throw distance modified.
(Ground hit connects to everything now)

Another Serpent
-White Aura animation Added to Nanmu.

-Launcher has better recovery + lift height.
-Combos have been made smoother.
-CzK range has been adjusted

Choy Li Fut
-Combo's are smoother.
-Counter fixed when angled.
-Alternate nanmu still BROKEN.

Destructive Staff
-The v skill has bring back from the original. which is increase speed, hitbox, and decreased the recovery.
-The b skill had been nerfed the recovery.
-B Skill now hits 7 times instead of 4

-Recovery improved.
-Kick combo is smoother.
-Lift reduced on KCK combo in air (Unless on wall).
-Ground hit has a bigger hitbox. (Can be landed on every grab, while before magnets and angles stopped ground hit from connecting)

-Cz Now ground hits, 5x 60dmg (300total)
-Cz has its speed increased
New Counter : K+G K - Starts launcher (Credit to ProfessorZtar)
Spoiler: New Juggle Damage Values

Mystic Arts:
- Cz K buff duration increased by 1 second

Red Storm:
- Front grab : Does not change direction you face after animation
- Back grab : Animation speed increased.

- Cz P uncharged has receiveda new animation.

Shaolin Tiger:
-Punch combo lift adjusted in juggle.
-Hitbox increased on ground hit.
-CzP launcher has better recovery.

- Front grab throw distance reduced.
- Rear grab throw distance reduced.
-Cz has better recovery and more stun.
-Cz launcher is less forgiving with its recovery+lift making it harder to juggle.

The Frozen General:
- Recoveries improved.
-Damage overtime skill has been slightly modified.

Available until : November 1st
Phantomwalker Boxes
Dragon (30% off)
Shoot Boxing (30% off)
Capoeira (30% off)
Judo (30% off)
Xinyi Liuhe Quan (30% off)
Combat Sambo (30% off)
Sunmudo (30% off)
Persona (30% off)

Plaza -> Halloween Decorations

* Additional update : 10/25/16 - Added Halloween Witch & Zombie sets

Last edited by Starberry on 11/15/2016, 8:17 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added additional Inferno counter + added a few notes)

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