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Patch Notes [10/16/18] - Halloween 2018 [Pt. 2]

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PostStarberry 10/16/2018, 4:00 pm


- Patch started at 6:00PM (PDT)
- Patch ended at 9:45PM (PDT)

New Items
Male :
Patch Notes [10/16/18] - Halloween 2018 [Pt. 2] 3C7OZs4

Female :
Patch Notes [10/16/18] - Halloween 2018 [Pt. 2] Ltd8sOq
Patch Notes [10/16/18] - Halloween 2018 [Pt. 2] ZSoUcPR

Misc :


Item & Game Changes
[Ongoing] Guild Chat & Systems Offline
Game Resolution Updates : Wide, 720p, 1080p.

Halloween Succubus Login Reward
Requirements : Log into the game from October 16th to November 6th 6:00PT to receive a Halloween Succubus Costume Package
The package will last 7 days once opened. The package will be removed next update on November 6th.

Item & Game Changes
Zin Taekwondo (R)'s command list was fixed.
Opening the Command List (F5) in-game has new icons for the punch, kick and guard inputs.
The resolution has been modified, as stated already.
The "Set Item" tab was moved from Accessories tab to the Skill Item tab.

Boss Mode & Item Contents
October 16th - November 6th @ 6:00 PT

Ruby of Power
Obsidian of Defense
Sapphire of Speed
Topaz of Jump
Tanzanite of Mana
Spiked Nade (10)
Devil Wings (30)
HP Potion (10)
SP Potion (10)
Sands of Time - Muay Thai SE
Muay Thai SE


White Neko Ears
Black Neko Ears
Golden Neko Ears
Muay Thai SE (7 day)
Junk (x25)
*Edit : Added indent.

Halloween PJ Hat - HP 12, SP 12, STR 1, ARM 2
Halloween PJ Top (All 3 Variants) - HP 80, STR 3 , ARM 2 <1 Socket>
Halloween PJ Bottom (All 3 Variants) - STR 2, ARM 2, JMP 3 <1 Socket>
Halloween PJ Gloves - STR 2, ARM 2, SPD 3 <1 Socket>
Halloween PJ Slippers - SP 40, STR 3, ARM 3
Neon Dice - SP 16, LUC 36
Devil's Tail - SP 36, CRI 16
Halloween Mask - HP 66
Halloween Succubus Hair - SP 80, STR 2, ARM 1, SPD 1
Halloween Succubus Top - STR 3, ARM 3, SPD 5 <2 Socket>
Halloween Succubus Bottoms - SP 50, STR 3, ARM 3, SPD 4 <2 Socket>
Halloween Succubus Gloves - STR 2, ARM 2, SPD 1, CRI 10 <2 Socket>
Halloween Succubus Boots - SPD 3, JMP 3
Halloween Succubus Rod - HP 40, SP 20, STR 2, ARM 1, SPD 1
Halloween Succubus Wings - HP 80, ARM 4, SPD 2, CRI 20

Items Leaving Next Update :
Halloween Succubus Set Package
Vampire/Vampiress Set
Pumpkin Set
Halloween Set 2013 (M)/(F)
Banshee Top
Banshee Hat 1
Banshee Hat 2
Knife Hair Band
Blue Devil Mask
Blue Devil Tail
Red Devil Mask
Red Devil Tail
Halloween PJ Set Package (All 3 Variants)
Halloween PJ Accessories Package
Halloween Skeleton Chest
Seal of Zodiac : Gemini Box
Phantomwalker Chest
Halloween Cutie Witch Set
Halloween Cutie Zombie Set
Cursed Jack-o-Lantern Package
Frightening Frankie Package
Blazing Jack-o-Lantern Package
Dummy Set Yellow
Dummy Set Purple
Fortune Chest
Fortune Package
Noble Buter Costume Package
Stocking Maid Costume Package
Spike Cane
Harpoon Cane
Graveyard Boss Mode
Harlem Defense War
Medal Shop Rotation
Level Up to 25 Event

2 Suggestions located : Halloween Succubus by Stockings, Halloween PJ Set by Frankenstein

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